^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote,

Tony Slash is a HOT jerk.LOL

So yeaterday was the rocketz show in San Antonio the last time here was when Andy was still alive.
Now truth be told Ive been having sex dreams about Tony Slash.Yeah I know he is old enough to be my Father. I was tabling as well with Lucy so I got the pleasure to sit next to him.
The man is a total cocky musician but at times he can be nice.

But this explains why women are turned on by assholes.
I watched him eat a burger which was making me feel like a damn perv.
The show was dead due to being outside in the back from being overbooked.
But it was still great seeing Hotrod Hillbillies play in along time.

Afterwards we ended up eating jack in the back at Spencer's house watching true romance.
But I still got my picture.
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