^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote,

nomore clutter

Since my Mom moved out I have been fixing up the house and getting organized.
I got annoyed with this one drawer she would call the junk drawer.
So I cleaned it out and was pondering what the hell does someone need so many bread ties,rocks,acorns and markers that don't work. Not to mention the millions of expired coupons shoved in it that it would fall back behind the drawer and get stuck in the second drawer.
So I went through everything the only thing I can state is if you didn't take it with you or use it in a year its junk. I put the seashells to the side for if Nikki wants to do something with them but thats it.
Now everything looks nice and I can get paper and pens when I need to write something down.
Ive put the coupons in a ziplock baggie and found a clear folder for recipes. I'm not anal I just can't handle useless crap in my way.
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