^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote,

The most awkward moment of my life......EVER!

I believe everybody on here knows about my past with Bots and how he is a total dog and ass.
Well I bumped into him and his new "friend" at a show from our friends band Squid Row.
He acts like Im gonna be all nice and cummy with him when I text him that he is full of shit and to leave me alone. I get a text the next morning saying "I heard you hate me". Once again I have to tell him he is full of shit and to fuck off and die. Last Sunday was a show at rock bottom and I wouldn't think he was going to be there since he has work. Which was great he wasn't so I enjoy myself and start hitting on Chris the drummer of Squid row. I was drunk and having a good time hanging off of Chris and talking to friends.
At the end of the show all of us end up at The Mix I walk in holding Chris' hand and I am face to face with Bots. He sees me and runs to the back where his "friend" is. He stays there the whole night and I never see him leave which is great because I have finally got over him and no longer feel like Im made of glass.
The band is playing and Chris has his arm around kissing me. It felt great and I had a good time.
It was just very awkward as fuck.
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