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best advice to give.... [16 Apr 2012|12:55am]
[ mood | blah ]

Never go to the craft store on a sunday.
I'd rather take a beltsander to my vagina then stand in line while some 90-year-old lady writes the roman numarals out on her checkbook.

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It's been a while. [22 Feb 2012|09:12pm]
Feels great to go back through all the old social media sites I use to update a lot when I was younger. Now I can only keep track of one....facebook.
Since the last time we left off I was going through some stupid crap about a guy that wasn't worth it. After him I swore off dating and chasing after guys and wouldn't you know it I found someone that's worth a crap. We have been together for two years and counting. Life is good my daughter is doing fine and I'm about embark on a hairdresser career.
life is good!
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The Crafty(not crappy)life of Christina Moreno [02 Oct 2009|03:02pm]

  • 08:00 Webinar on ancillary services starting now ow.ly/sksl #

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The Crafty(not crappy)life of Christina Moreno [01 Oct 2009|03:02pm]

  • 02:37 Rendement de 23,4% pour une cellule solaire < Technologie - Enerzine.com bit.ly/wWa0D via www.diigo.com/~keulenae #

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The Crafty(not crappy)life of Christina Moreno [25 Sep 2009|03:00pm]

  • 07:53 Webinar starting in 10 minutes - navigating the renewable energy and energy efficiency information jungle ow.ly/r1AI #

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The Crafty(not crappy)life of Christina Moreno [10 Sep 2009|03:01pm]

  • 21:51 Shortlist of mainstream solutions for a low-carbon electricity (energy) system bit.ly/188VPJ #

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The Crafty(not crappy)life of Christina Moreno [02 Sep 2009|03:06pm]

  • 05:59 Twitter influence - it's not only about the numbers ow.ly/nI1Y #

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The Crafty(not crappy)life of Christina Moreno [31 Aug 2009|03:00pm]
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The most awkward moment of my life......EVER! [06 Aug 2009|03:33pm]
I believe everybody on here knows about my past with Bots and how he is a total dog and ass.
Well I bumped into him and his new "friend" at a show from our friends band Squid Row.
He acts like Im gonna be all nice and cummy with him when I text him that he is full of shit and to leave me alone. I get a text the next morning saying "I heard you hate me". Once again I have to tell him he is full of shit and to fuck off and die. Last Sunday was a show at rock bottom and I wouldn't think he was going to be there since he has work. Which was great he wasn't so I enjoy myself and start hitting on Chris the drummer of Squid row. I was drunk and having a good time hanging off of Chris and talking to friends.
At the end of the show all of us end up at The Mix I walk in holding Chris' hand and I am face to face with Bots. He sees me and runs to the back where his "friend" is. He stays there the whole night and I never see him leave which is great because I have finally got over him and no longer feel like Im made of glass.
The band is playing and Chris has his arm around kissing me. It felt great and I had a good time.
It was just very awkward as fuck.
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The rundown #675786987 [06 Aug 2009|03:19pm]
So yesterday was stressful but I got paid.
I talked to my Grandmother about helping me this weekend since Im having car issues.
I have to go to the DMV and my Grandmother goes on about how my cousin Shirley said I need an appointment. This pisses me off because not only is my Grandmother telling my stupid ass cousins everything that is going on in my life.They have to give their opition and try to help. I got fed up and tired and told her I don't want their help and that I really don't care what they say.
I went before and didn't need an appointment.
I was upset at the fact she gave two of my cousins my cell phone number and these are the last people I want any contact with.
I can't say anything because my Grandmother is going through chemotherapy at the moment.
My cousin Amanda is knocked up with #3 on the way and doesn't have a job at the moment and has been helping my Grandmother. So my Grandmother is upset with everybody when they don't answer the phone.
Ugh I don't know what the hell to do.
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its one of those days [08 Jul 2009|11:45am]
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I found this little gem on craigslist. [07 Jul 2009|07:40am]

Ceramic Flying Spaghetti Monster - $250
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Two months is gonna suck [07 Jul 2009|07:30am]
So last sunday as I was sitting down to relax after putting Nikki to bed.
I get a one call out of the blue from Jennifer Menedez. She is the single mother of three that was suppose to call me a month ago. Well I thought I cut things short she asked me if I would take them monday.
So not only I had to call me boss and fix my work process(Instead of going to the office every morning I get my work sent to me and have to do it at home).So I'm getting extra money for two months watching three kids. They show up at 7am which is different then my 9am wake up time for me and Nikki. The mother forgets to get them breakfest and lunch. So she tells me she will give me more money but they eat alot.
Its two boys and one girl along with Nikki.
The boys are seven and six and the little girl is four.
Its drained me good yesterday along with giving Nikki a late nap. I hope the days go by fast.
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This is what happens when you insult my mamma! [03 Jul 2009|04:01pm]
I know they show the ads on myspace and I bet every hipster has one BUT I DON"T CARE!
Its cute as hell.
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nomore clutter [03 Jul 2009|03:50pm]
Since my Mom moved out I have been fixing up the house and getting organized.
I got annoyed with this one drawer she would call the junk drawer.
So I cleaned it out and was pondering what the hell does someone need so many bread ties,rocks,acorns and markers that don't work. Not to mention the millions of expired coupons shoved in it that it would fall back behind the drawer and get stuck in the second drawer.
So I went through everything the only thing I can state is if you didn't take it with you or use it in a year its junk. I put the seashells to the side for if Nikki wants to do something with them but thats it.
Now everything looks nice and I can get paper and pens when I need to write something down.
Ive put the coupons in a ziplock baggie and found a clear folder for recipes. I'm not anal I just can't handle useless crap in my way.
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Tony Slash is a HOT jerk.LOL [28 Jun 2009|04:53pm]
So yeaterday was the rocketz show in San Antonio the last time here was when Andy was still alive.
Now truth be told Ive been having sex dreams about Tony Slash.Yeah I know he is old enough to be my Father. I was tabling as well with Lucy so I got the pleasure to sit next to him.
The man is a total cocky musician but at times he can be nice.

But this explains why women are turned on by assholes.
I watched him eat a burger which was making me feel like a damn perv.
The show was dead due to being outside in the back from being overbooked.
But it was still great seeing Hotrod Hillbillies play in along time.

Afterwards we ended up eating jack in the back at Spencer's house watching true romance.
But I still got my picture.
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3 bad jacks [15 Jun 2009|01:04pm]

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drunk night [13 May 2009|11:31pm]

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Steve Coogan as "Keanu Reeves" in Saxondale [27 Apr 2009|03:44pm]
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Lone Star Round Up 2009 [19 Apr 2009|06:47pm]
Since I had to wait on Angel to pick up Dominique I also had to run across town and drop off Dana's phone and get Eric's ugly jacket to take it to Austin. Spencer wasn't feeling good so we didn't leave until 6 or 7pm. I ate dinner with Rocker Jenn after dropping Dana's phone off and being delivery girl.
It was rainy on the way there but we showed up at a good time.

Rosemary,me and Sue @ headhunters
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