^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote,

Lone Star Round Up 2009

Since I had to wait on Angel to pick up Dominique I also had to run across town and drop off Dana's phone and get Eric's ugly jacket to take it to Austin. Spencer wasn't feeling good so we didn't leave until 6 or 7pm. I ate dinner with Rocker Jenn after dropping Dana's phone off and being delivery girl.
It was rainy on the way there but we showed up at a good time.

Rosemary,me and Sue @ headhunters

A really good band from houston.The bass player told me he would lick my face.

Missy and I

Me,Gravey and Matt

Gravey and I in the mix of things

Rabbid and I

Gravey and Emiley

Jenny,Psycho Bob and me

Mick and I

A very drunk Orlando Rios and Eric



proud pappa Ben
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