^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote,

Two months is gonna suck

So last sunday as I was sitting down to relax after putting Nikki to bed.
I get a one call out of the blue from Jennifer Menedez. She is the single mother of three that was suppose to call me a month ago. Well I thought I cut things short she asked me if I would take them monday.
So not only I had to call me boss and fix my work process(Instead of going to the office every morning I get my work sent to me and have to do it at home).So I'm getting extra money for two months watching three kids. They show up at 7am which is different then my 9am wake up time for me and Nikki. The mother forgets to get them breakfest and lunch. So she tells me she will give me more money but they eat alot.
Its two boys and one girl along with Nikki.
The boys are seven and six and the little girl is four.
Its drained me good yesterday along with giving Nikki a late nap. I hope the days go by fast.
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